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Toddler Tunastics was created to entertain your toddler and give you the Parent a much needed break! The CD was created by a professional music composer whom has a toddler of his own. He decided that he should make a CD that would allow for his toddler to have time to burn energy as well as gain brain stimulation. So he created the fun music CD called Toddler Tunastics, and let's say it did the trick. The CD is composed of 9 original instrumentals, roughly 3 minutes per instrumental, that are filled with fun melodies that will have your toddler entertained throughout the entire duration of the CD! Parents, I want you to take advantage of being able to get the relief time you will have while the CD is playing. You can also partake along with your toddler in creating songs for the instrumentals. So shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a Tuntastic time! Contact Toddler Tunastics today.



"We are dedicated to promoting fun,education,self-motivation and good health starting at the Toddler Stage."


Here at Toddler Tunastics we have discovered that most parents prefer that their toddler spend less time watching television and more time involved in activities that can advance their child’s early development; this is why we created a fun energetic CD.  The instrumentation chosen for this CD will instantly motivate children between the ages 2-6 to automatically want to dance, move, and get involved. We have discovered that between the ages 2-4, our CD serves great for activity and fun time allowing for physical involvement. We have also notice that between the ages 5-6, our CD encourages children to create their own songs along with having physical involvement. Another great thing about our product is that the parent or teacher can assist and also be involved with how the children are responding to the CD.


"My Son loves this CD, as soon as I began to play it in my DVD player he stood in front of the TV the whole time making up funny dances, boy did it keep his attention the whole time! I'm a little embarrassed to admit but even myself and my teenage Son thoroughly enjoyed the CD as well."

by Tedra Green


"My sister was having a challenging day with her 2 year old son.  Then she asked me "hey where is that CD you said will instantly grab kids attention?" I handed it to her and as soon as it started playing it grabbed his attention and he began to make up a bunch of dances while it was playing, needless to say it did work."

by Corey B

"My five year son loves this CD, he plays it in his CD player in his room and also likes to have me play it in the car whenever we driving somewhere."

by Michelle T


"Everyone here at the school loves Toddler Tunastics, we even had some request a copy to take home.  Our teachers implement the CD in their course of teaching now."

by Angela B


Toddler Tunastics Instructional Syllabus


The syllabus consists of a list of ideas of how to get a controlled interaction from the children.  We believe the CD serves as a great source to use for background music while kids are involved in some sort of activity. The reason why we called this product a multi-purpose CD is because “it is just that”; it can be used in many different aspects.  So below we have created some ideas parents and teachers can use while playing the CD for children.


Track 1: The Instruction for this track would be to place the kids in a circle and have them bounce along with every other “bounce” word playing with in the track. Once the bounce word section stops, that will be the time you have the children sway side to side in sort of an athletic defensive stance.


Track 2: The instruction for this track would be to place each child side by side in one line and have them march in place while clapping in sync with the claps that are playing with in the instrumental. For children between the ages 4-7, you can have them line up in separate lines of however many; have them march in place then instruct every other line formation to march forward then back creating a wave effect.


Track 3: The instruction for this track will be to incorporate having the children comprehend up, down, left, and right.  So have the children sectioned off in lines then you must instruct each line all to move at the same time going left, then going right, then squatting down, and last have them reaching up.  The key is to shout the words clearly and use dramatic gesturing to get them excited and involved.


Track 4: This track will serve as an intermission type of track.  So the instruction for this track will be to have the children sit in a circle and have them clap with the rhythm of the claps going along with in the instrumental.  For children ages 5-7 you would want to do the same but doing each “build up section”(hook) of the track you would have them interlock arms and sway left to right along with the rhythm of the melodies.


Track 5: The instruction for this track will be to have the children form a band. Assign each child a role in the band and have them try to mimic the melodies in the instrumental.  The bark sound should be assigned to a section of kids in the band for them to project at the same time it sounds off in the instrumental.  Also have them all dancing in place while they are interacting as a band.


Track 6: This track is subliminally created to have the child feel a calm effect along with still remaining happy.  This should create a point when they should begin to feel like taking a nap but shouldn’t the sadness kids usually feel when they know its nap time. The instructions for this track will be to just let the kid’s freestyle dance, run in place, etc.


Track 7: The instruction for this track will be to have the kids sit on floor in a section and just have them sway side to side. This will create a relaxing state therefore leading to nap stage.


Track 8: The instruction for this track will be to have each child lie down and then reach for the ceiling arms stretched out along with wiggling their fingers at the same time.  You can call it stretch time.


Track 9: The instruction for this track would be just to let it play.  Once the track plays out just have the children play the quiet game; let them know they must remain quiet for a certain period time that can be made up for however long.  This should prep for you to have them ready for nap time of bed time.


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"My Co-worker's son loves Toddler Tunastics, she says her son is quite the ham dancing around and making up his own songs!"

by Charron H.


"My two year niece and he class add daycare enjoy's this CD so much! after I pick her up from Daycare, while driving she always yells CD,CD! I then play the CD and not too long after I see her falling asleep during ride but it's funny because she still manages to keep her head bopping! This is a great CD.


by Kristen

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